Studio Niko van der Klugt / Digital Photo Art
Niko van der Klugt paints in the tradition of Willem de Koning, Robert Rauschenberg, Jasper Johns and Antoni Tapies, but with one essential difference; Niko paints digitally, pixels are his paint, his canvas, the computer screen.
Colour, language, atmosphere, line, photography, drawing and even documentary, may be used within his work. In fact almost any form has the potantial to be utilized.
His abstract pieces exist out of large planes of colour, the "paint"being both expressively and dynamically applied, as though with pallet knives, because, of course, the pixels applied to his digital canvas demand a completely different technique then oil or acrylic paint.
Though it is possible to give the impression of randomly applied paint, both the mouse and the software demand accuracy and a significantly more measured pace, and little is leftt to chance.
If the abstract work speaks to the emotional experience of the observer then the collages with their figurative elements, appeal directly to their dreams and imagination.
This work expresses atmospheres, fragments of memory and experience, recollections tarnished over time, partly indistinct, partly discolourd but nevertheless, expressed with razor sharp clarity.
On commissioning one of his works a final image will be printed out and just as with graphic art, only limited editions are created.
Digital painting remains a new dicipline but one with endless possibilities. However, a 'master'is someone that knows how to restrict himself to the essential and Niko van der Klugt shows us precisely how that can be done.
Hein Walter / Cunst Magazine
In works of Art Van der Klugt focused on themes such as Light, White simplicity and Transparangy. Projects like the NEDERLANDS SCHEEPVAARTMUSEUM AMSTERDAM (re-openend 2 october 2011) where Van der Klugt was creating an innovative infrastructure for exhibition lighting; lightdesigns for all  public spaces, exhibitions and the entire exterior. Van der Klugt also worked on the realisation, after writing "One Vision", of the lightdesign for the HISTORICAL BRIDGES in the city centre of Amsterdam. These two design projects in colobaration with 
In the past Van der Klugt worked with choreographers, companys and directors like RAZ/Hans Tuerlings, Reflex, Kristina de Chatel, Ballet du Geneve (S) Bruno Listopad, Companihaia Instavel (P) Atterballetto (I) Budapest Dance Company (H) Neel Verdoorn, Lisa Marcus, Gulbankian Ballet (P) Dance Works Rotterdam, Korzo Productions/Cadans, Rogie & Company, Ballet van Leth, NNT, Sheryn Hilton Parker, Brenda Daniels, Danskern Utrecht/DCII high, World Music Theatre Festival, Cathy Sharp Dance Ensemble (S) LantaarnVenster Productions/Tiefenrausch, Engelenbak productions 85 t/m 89, Cecile van Deursen and many repertory productions. Technical director for International Springdance Festival Utrecht (96 t/m 06) Nederlandse Dansdagen Maastricht (99 t/m 01), Fact 25 jaar, Choreografen Concour Groningen & Haute Culture Groningen. Architectural, musea and urban lighting for Splinter Architecten/Azzurro Wellnes Centre (2009) Bouwens Undertaker/de Kwakel (2006) De Maagd/Bergen op Zoom (2010) Trajectum Lumen (concept traject lichtroute 2006) Zaantheater/Zaandam (2008) Railroad museum/Utrecht (2005) Stationsplein Haarlem (concept 2010) and many many others. The result is over more then 200 lightdesigns. Workshops, lectures & Guest teacher Codarts Dansacademie Rotterdam 96 t/m 06, VPT (vereniniging voor podiumtechnologie), PQ Praha, Institut of Light Design Czech Republic..

Studio Niko van der Klugt, started oct.2011, full time in making Digital Photo Art / Digital (Light) Paintings.